Ms. Anna Doward

May 15, 2008


Hi Ed:

 It was great speaking with you earlier today, I am so happy you have overcome your depression and you are now feeling great. I really enjoyed hearing your news about the Foundation, it is a very generous and wonderful thing that you are doing. When I got off the phone with you I called one of my best friends who had been suffering from depression. Her name is Claudia Brown and her address is: P.O. Box 1536, Frederiksted, St. Croix V.I. 00841. She was delighted to hear what you are doing. We have been friends from School Days.  We lived in the same neighborhood and attended the same school, St. Patrick's. When she was going through that deep depression it was awful because no one knew what was happening to her. Her husband and her sisters did not know what to do, but we prayed the Divine Mercy Rosary in a nine day Novena and on the 9th day she started to feel better gradually.  She is now going to Mass daily and continuing to pray the Rosary.  I am so happy you'll be able to write to her.

As for myself, I am undergoing testing and evaluation to give my younger brother Jerry a kidney.  He has been on Dialysis for the past two years.   His kidney failure was due to some Hypertension Medication he was taking.   It was recommended that he get a living kidney donor and I offered mine.  The transplant will take place at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida.  I was there for two weeks in April.  I have to repeat two tests in July but I am trying to see if they can be done here in St. Croix.  I will travel to Florida for the transplant probably in August.  If everything goes well I should be able to come to your 70th Birthday Celebration in November.  I will most certainly do everything I can to be there.   I am so happy for you.  The Tamarind Tree Group is still going strong; we now meet at a section at St. Patrick School right across from the Church. I am still doing Real Estate but I am working from home which is much easier, I don't have that long drive to Christiansted and it allows me more flexibility to do my other volunteer work.

Well Ed, this is all for now it is getting late but I wanted to get this in the mail first thing in the morning.  Take care of yourself and keep on praying.

''May God Keep you and Bless You, May He make His Face Shine upon you and give you PEACE".

                                                                                                                                                                                       Your  Crucian friend,