“Don’t Dismiss Depression” Foundation, Inc. Programs and Committees


          1.) Anna Doward Organ Transplant Donor Award: 

             Committee: Mr. Ed Powers, Mrs. Lise Mercuri, Mrs. Vandy

                                       Starkweather and Ms. Anna Doward.           


           2.) Michael Woodward, Amputee Mental Health Program

                             Committee: Michael Woodward, Charles Grace, Ed Powers and

                                                   Louis Coons.                


3.) The Anita Scott Mental Rehabilitation and Service Program:

                  Committee: Ms. Anita Scott, Ms. Carolyn Byus and Mrs. Peggy



      4.) Michael E. Powers Comprehensive Development, Inc. Foundation

            To Serve the Mental Health of the Unique Older Student          

            Committee:  Mr. Michael E. Powers C.P.A., Mrs. Marie Booker,  

                                         Mr. Mark Lichtenstein, Esq.


      5.) Charles M. Grace Mental Health Scholarship for Active Members

            of Religious Communities.



      6.) Barbara Woodward Indigent Person Mental Health Program:

                  Committee:  Mrs. Barbara Woodward, Mrs. Peggy Grace, Ms.      

                                         Ms. Nancy McKay.


7.)    Sister Madeline Kavanagh Bread and Life Mental Health


                  Committee: Sister Madeline Kavanagh, Ms. Mary P. Powers, Mr.   

                                        Mark Lichtenstein, Esq., Mrs. Mary Myers Cole.             

                                       (Sister feeds 133,000 people a year in Brooklyn, New



8.)    Michele Gandolfi Flak Mother Teresa Award for Unselfishly

Saving the Lives of Children:



                  9.)  Robert Powers Gould Street Foundation for the Mentally                 



                       10.) Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Center for Community of

                              Caring Foundation, Salt Lake City:

                              Committee: Mrs. Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Ms. Mary P. Powers,

                                                   Ms. Betty Allan.


11.) The Rita and Jack Lichenstein Mental Health Scholarship for

        Members of Jewish Religious Communities.


                        12.) The Pat  Collins Curtin “Mental Health Day” Award:

                               Committee: Mr. Don Curtin, Ms. Michele Miserez, Mrs. Virginia                   

                                                    Scarpino, Ms. Michele Gandolfi Flak.


             13.) Michael Diodati Mental Health Scholarship for Working or

                    Retired Members of the Military and Their Families.


             14.) Rev. Paul G. Driscoll Mental Health Scholarship for Retired

                                Members of Religious Communities.


             15.) The Cathy Bristow Mental Health Scholarship for Women

                                 Building Bridges through the Black Capitalism Program.

                                 Committee: Mr. Ed Powers, Mrs. Lise Mercuri, Mrs. Vandy                                                                                           

                                 Starkweather, Ms. Anna Doward.                                                                    

                         16.) Sylvan Cole, Mary Myers Cole: Mental Health Scholarship for Struggling Artists Committee.

                         17.) John Sheehan, Mental Health Scholarship for Vietnam Veterans.

                         18.) Glen Souza, "Give 'em Hell" Glenn: Prisoner Mental Health Program.

                         19.) Bruce Sinclair Professional Sportsperson Mental Health Award.

                         20.) Virginia Scarpino Emergency Medical Service Person Mental Health Award.

                         21.) John Heyman Turrets Syndrome Mental Health Program.